Badly Done, Emma.

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I’m suffering from Emma Approved withdrawals, someone help me, please.

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Emma Approved + bitter fan text posts

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"Emma’s very good opinion of Frank Churchill was a little shaken the following day, by hearing that he was gone off to London, merely to have his hair cut. A sudden freak seemed to have seized him at breakfast, and he had sent for a chaise and set off, intending to return to dinner, but with no more important view that appeared than having his hair cut."

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Oops. My hand slipped.

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Will there be more Emma? It seems like everything I read lately discusses the show as though it's gone for good, but you hinted at the possibility of more. As a PD fan I feel like I don't know what content if any to expect after Oct 31.
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I certainly hope so. Emma Approved’s future is definitely in the air and right now it isn’t at a place where we can just say yes or no, it’s at a place where we are making sure we can rally the specific resources to make the Emma continuation that we want to do.

We felt that we left Emma Woodhouse in a good place with a lot of potential and very few things would please me more than to see Emma, Knightley, and everyone go for that potential. 

As for PD content post Oct 31st (when Frankenstein Season 1 ends) the quickest content you’ll see will be Pemberley2 bonus videos. We’ve been talking about Pemberley2 for a while now and we’ve wrangled a bunch of videos together so hopefully they’ll go up around then (or even before).

I know that most of you are hoping for another show (more Emma, more Frankenstein, something new) after Oct 31st but right now I don’t see the pieces coming together fast enough before the end of 2014. But who knows, crazier things have happened.

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I’ve really been enjoying Emma Approved! 

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So I don't know if you are the person to ask about this, but do you know what's going on with EA? Is it over over? Because I know they reached the end of the novel, but all the cast and crew keep saying "hoping for a season 2". Is there a chance of a season 2? Has anyone officially said anything about one?
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Well, Bernie had talked about it during his Q&A on Reddit a few months back. Appearently, there might be a season 2, full with all-original episodes, since the book line is over, but it’s still a bit unsure. When asked about it, all that Bernie said is that they were “working on it”, and nothing more has been said since that. We have no idea where that stands now, unfortunately. Only hoping that we do get more episodes of EA =/

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I love some Emma Approved. Wedding picture anyone? Tried to keep this looking a little more like a sketch

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kind of promised i’d color this a while ago. i keep my promises.

idk what i think i’m so excited for monday/thursday i am just so ready for them to sort things out that it’s not even funny

don’t know if i like the colored version better you’ll have to lemme know what you think

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I am not here to please you.(inspired by x)

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"Insufferable woman! Worse than I had supposed. Absolutely insufferable! Knightley!—I could not have believed it. Knightley!—never seen him in her life before, and call him Knightley!—and discover that he is a gentleman!"

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